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Please set up your first appointment online. Your 1st Wedding Gown Fitting must occur at least 6 weeks prior to your event date, more time is suggested and appreciated.

1st Fitting Appointment

  Bring shoes and foundations you’ll be wearing.

I’ll pin the dress.

  I’ll give you total cost.

We’ll set up 2nd Fitting Appointment.

2nd Fitting Appointment

  Bring shoes and foundations.

  Check fit of dress.

  Bring personal attendant (to learn bustle).

Payment is due. (M/C, Visa, Discover, debit cards and cash)

We’ll set up Pick Up Appointment if dress is being pressed.

Wedding Gown Price List

Hem $180.00-350.00
Shoulders (plain)*  $55.00
Sideseams (plain)*  $75.00
Bustle (per bustle)  $10.00
Cups  $18.00
Pressing  $65.00-95.00

*Beadwork, lace, bands, pleats, and boning will be extra. Prices may vary depending upon trim and manufacturer. Quotes will only be given when I can personally see you in dress and know exactly what needs to be done. I do offer a free 15 minute consultation for brides where I just give you prices and no pinning is done.

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